Concert 3

MARCH 2021 22nd Festival Season VIRTUAL OFFERING:

Sing and Play in Dulcet Tone: The Intimate Handel
Music for Mezzo, Harpsichord, Flute and Basso Continuo
Featuring Alto Jake Barlow, Richard Yeo, Cello, Marcia Hustad, Flute and Virtuoso Keyboardist Erik Liefrinck!

Siete rose rugiadose H.W.V. 162
Flute Sonata in E minor H.W.V. 379
Suite in F minor H.W.V. 433
Chaconne in G Major H.W.V. 435
Vedendo amor H.W.V. 175
Siete rose rugiadose
Largo- You are dewy roses,
You lovely lips of my dear one.
Always dear, whether you laugh,
Speak or are silent,
You set my heart aflame.

Recitativo – Soft sweet mouth,
In you is born the sweet, alluring smile,
That awakens love in even the proudest heart.
Your sweet sighs make the soul forget its sufferings;
And I, who yearn for you, dear one, if I see you again
When you are silent, if I hear your sweet words
Or one of your sighs, I forget every torment.

Air – In order to free myself from suffering,
I need only a sweet sigh of yours, pretty mouth.
In your soft words, in your charming laughter,
The loving soul forgets all of its pain.

Vedendo Amor
Recitativo: Love seeing that he had woven his nets in vain for me,
And that, having fled by chance from his grasp,
I was passing my days contented and happy, he chased me so closely,
That he made me his slave and, when I least expected it, at last captured me.

Air – In a dense, shady wood, I was taking a sweet rest on a cool, dark night,
At such an unusual time, I thought Love fare away, but my freedom was not secure.

Recitativo: Into that wood he crept softly and so that I could not recognize him,
He changed his bow into a catapult, his quiver into a basket, where he was holding
Instead of arrows, many little pellets of hard clay, and the touch of Hymen.
He lit in a lantern. He was not alone. Eurilla was with him
And guided him who seemed blind.

Andante – Treading very softly with the lit lantern in her hand, finally she spied me.
Then she said: the simpleton on that little branch, he sleeps, just look at him
Recitativo: Suddenly Love loaded and fired and just where he aimed his shot
He hit me, under my breast, then I fell to the ground more overcome with fear
Thank from having been wounded; I tried to free myself and save myself from them.
But so quickly were he and she on top of me that I could not flee.

Allegro – Eurilla laughed, Love laughed and already my conqueror held me in servitude.
And I, miserable, do not hop, now that I am their prisoner, to enjoy peace ever again.

Recitativo: Meanwhile I am encaged where night and day, I sing for love, but more for rage.