Concert 1

Acis and Galatea

Sunday, 10 February, 2019
3:00 p.m.
A delightful treasure with some of Handel's most beautiful arias! Acis and Galatea HWV 49 With beloved artists Sarah Gartshore as Galatea, Gerald Frantzen as Acis, with David De Jong, William Bouvel and an ensemble featuring Nicci Krebasch, Amy Anderson De Jong, Jeanne Busch, Raymon Cunha and Wilbert Watkins!

Concert 2

Cabaret Concert

Saturday, 23 February, 2019
7:30 pm
Sing and Play in Dulcet Tone: The Intimate Handel
The Soprano in Love and Life along with Handel's Harpsichord works!

Mikaela Schneider, Soprano
Erik Liefrinck, Harpsichord
Steven Houser, Cello
Deborah Stevenson, Oboe
Kip Cortez, Harpsichord
HWV 90 Chi rapi la pace al core?
  1. Aria: Adagio - Chi rapi la pace al core?
  2. Recitativo: Figlio d'un fabbro e amore
  3. Aria: Andante - Pupilla lucente in stella funesta

Suite for Harpsichord by Handel played by Erik Liefrinck

Three Alleluia, Amen settings
  1. HWV 272 in d minor
  2. HWV 273 in G major
  3. HWV 274 in a minor

Oboe Sonata HWV 357 played by Deborah Stevenson


A Hymn by Handel - Desiring to Love HWV 285 on a text of Charles Wesley

Theme and variations by Handel played by Erik Liefrinck

HWV 77 Ah, che pur troppo e vero
  1. Recitativo: Ah, che pur troppo e vero
  2. Aria: Largo - Col partir la bella Clori
  3. Recitativo: In solitaria parte volgo sempre le piante
  4. Aria: Care mura! In voi d'intorno
  5. Recitativo: Numi ingiusti, spietati, amor
  6. Aria: Da che perso ho la mia Clori

Concert 3


Sunday, 3 March, 2019
3:00 pm
A seldom-performed masterpiece oratorio!
The Oratorio Solomon HWV 67 On a text from the books II Chronicles and I Kings from the Bible and Josephus for orchestra, soloists and double chorus!
Featuring: Kimberly McCord, Noah Gartner, Nicci Krebasch and welcoming new artist Celia Williams, the Handel Week Orchestra and the Handel Week Festival Chorus!