Newsletter #1 - 2022 Season Recap

And a WONDERFUL time was had by all!

by Dennis Northway, artistic director

FIVE standing ovations over three concerts! The audience actually went wild! Our 23rd festival season is now one for posterity, but over 300 people enjoyed our performances in person. Under the skillful baton of guest conductor Madeleine Woodworth we heard a stellar performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons with four different and masterful soloists along with a fabulous Harp Concerto and Kimberly McCord's profoundly moving performance of H.W.V. 150, a Chicago, and perhaps Midwest premier! A long standing ovation was given to veteran performer Philip A. Kraus at his final performance at our chamber concert. This virtuoso program was radiantly received by our almost musicallyoverwhelmed audience! The Chandos Anthems, our final concert was, by the testimony of our faithful listeners, sublimity itself! Outstanding soloists and tight instrumental and vocal ensembles offered powerful readings of these unique compositions. You can still order our virtual concert online and enjoy it in your home today. Thank you for your support of our season and we look forward to telling you all about our next season in just TWO MONTHS!! Stay tuned!!

To Handel and his Music!